About us


Thien Phuoc Elevator - TPE - was officially established on January 26,2016, in the context of many technologies being developed and discovered to make elevators taller, faster, safer and bold aesthetics and comfort; Besides, elevators must keep up with the continuous development of buildings and the need for rapid movement of users. With the spirit of being always ready and the criteria to maximize all resources, we always strive for the strong growth every day in Vietnam.
Since our establishment, we have quickly created a reputation and brand in providing, installing and maintaining elevators with breakthrough, flexible, creative solutions..., and accumulated a list of typical projects in Vietnam in the context of increasingly globalization.



We want all customers when using TPE products and services to be easy and comfortable in moving, efficient and having the best experience possible.
Our products and services are designed to maximize customer satisfaction. As a company in the elevator industry in Vietnam, we are not only knowledgeable about the field of automation, urbanization, but also attach great importance to the advancement of users and constructions by updating Continuously update, research and apply the latest innovations in the elevator industry in the world to suit the elevator market in Vietnam and the conditions for Thien Phuoc to develop sustainably.


The safety of employees, contractors, users of products and services is a guideline for all activities at TPE. We are constantly striving towards the goal of NO-ACCIDENT through the continuous development of TPE products, people and processes.