This is a central issue and is followed by the following process:

Step 1: Contact and discuss with customers about construction design drawings. Advise customers on feasible options to complete the layout of the elevator pit layout.

Step 2: Carry out the quotation and present the design drawing of the construction of the pit to customers.

Step 3: Instruct and invite customers to see elevators and equipment and supplies. Step 4: The two parties confirm the price list and drawings, agree on the terms of the contract.

Step 5: Drafting the contract and submitting it to the customer for signing and transferring the elevator hole construction drawing to the customer for deployment.

Step 6: Advance the Customer and enter the equipment at the request of the Customer.

Step 7: The company manufactures and processes materials, and also monitors the construction progress.

Step 8: Accepting the elevator pit and transporting materials to the construction site to deploy the installation of elevators.

Step 9: After installation, we will test run for a period of 3 - 7 days, before accepting the elevator.

Step 10: Invite customers and inspection center to check the safety of elevator equipment before putting into use.

Step 11: Our company and customers jointly conduct and hand over the elevator to put into use. Step 12: Carry out the warranty and maintenance procedures for the elevator

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