This is the first and mandatory criterion for any product of Thien Phuoc. We always rely on safety standards, listen to customers, analyze and innovate solutions to meet this criteria.


Make use of the free space in the house such as skylights, corners, center, next to or between stairs. Can use 1-phase power available without 3-phase power. The depth of floor sound from only 30 cm, or can build stairs.


Emergency rescue is the most important solution in case of unexpected damage. It will be especially useful for technicians who have difficulty locating tractors, homeowners alone, elderly homeowners. For home elevators, we always choose the solution to design the cabin and elevator doors so that wheelchair can be used. In addition, if there is a need, customers will be equipped with a remote control to call a remote ladder to save waiting time.


Price and quality go hand in hand is the economic value that customers expect. We are not for the sake of economic benefits, but forget about the sustainable value that products bring. Design of cable transmission system, load-bearing shoe in the most comfortable state while still meeting safety standards.


We gradually improve the product in stages, executing by bolt-fastening method, which requires the product to be accurate and standardized during the manufacturing process at the factory. Accuracy testing by building 3D images helps to detect errors in a timely manner during the design process. Using laser cutting machine to make fake ceiling and stone floor according to customer’s choice. Or there are many beautiful and luxurious models for customers to choose.


People’s lives are getting better and better, and so are the demands for technology. The touch button in the elevator is a representative element of this need, it also contributes to bring luxury in the homeowner.

With the knowledge gained from business trips and exhibitions from Europe, we have created breakthrough products on the Vietnamese market. Automatic doors with lift holes do not fit standard doors on the market instead of using manual opening and closing doors. Elevator speed always reaches from 0.63 m / s but still reaches a certain level of smoothness thanks to the transmission structure to ensure force balance.


In the last 3 years, we have always participated in international exhibitions about elevators in China and Europe. We have the opportunity to access new technologies and realize them in Thien Phuoc’s products in the market.